There cab be two main reasons why people consider rhinoplasty:

  1. For medical reasons, also known as reconstructive rhinoplasty which restores the form and function of the nose, and
  2. Cosmetic rhinoplasty which improves the shape and aesthetic appearance of the nose.

Recent Questions

How long does the bruise on the nose bridge from PDO nose thread lifts usually last?

Hi, any bruise takes about two weeks to disappear. Sometimes the pigment from the broken red blood cells (hemosiderin), can take longer for the immune system to clear it away.

Photo of Dr Benjamin Yim

Answered By

Dr Benjamin Yim


Do nose thread lifts help with opening up the medial epicanthic fold?

A nose bridge threadlift will offer a mild improvement if you have prominent medial epicanthic folds. This is because the threads inserted adds volume to the nose bridge area and stretches the skin, resulting in a medial pull of the medial epicanthic folds. That being said, the effect is temporary, as are nose threads, lasting for 1-2 years, and is normally quite limited. Unless your nose bridge is your primary aesthetic concern, it might be in your interest to consider a medial epicanthoplasty. Hope this helps!

Photo of Dr Harvey  Ho

Answered By

Dr Harvey Ho


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