When someone decides to undergo a precedure to have a mole removed, they have 2 primary options: Surgical removal (shave/punch excision) or Non-Surgical removal (ablative/non-ablative laser treatment)

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What are the laser options (other than CO2) for facial flat mole removal? Is Er: YAG laser less likely to result in scarring?

Thank you for your question. After examining the mole and determining it not to be a cause of health concern, laser treatments to remove a facial flat mole include ablative and non-ablative options. CO2 and Er:Yag lasers are both lasers that can remove moles by ablation. Ablative lasers are commonly used to treat moles that are raised, indicating that they grow from deeper layers of the skin.

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Dr Lena Fan Shu'en


Why and what does it mean when a pimple darkens and turns into a lumpy mole? (photo)

Thank you for the question. It is unusual for a pimple to develop into a lumpy mole. I think is advisable for you to see your doctor or dermatologist for proper history and examination to determine the cause of your facial lesion.

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Dr Colin Theng


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