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I have cartilage degradation on my right knee and it is swollen with effusion (image). What should I do if the physiotherapy exercises recommended for recovery do not work?

Thank you for the question. Knee OA is a common problem and physiotherapy/rehabilitation forms a key component of its management. If, however, symptoms are not settling, you could consider having an injection for the knee - this would involve the fluid being drained and something placed inside the knee. The "somethign" could be one of three susbtances1.

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Dr Dinesh Sirisena

Sport Medicine

What is the treatment for multiple gallbladder polyps?

Gallbladder polyp is a common finding on abdominal imaging such as ultrasonography. Most of these polyps are not cancerous and only a small proportion of these polyps will progress to cancer. Unfortunately, it is rarely curable and prognosis is poor with less than 5% of patients with confirmed gallbladder cancer surviving more than 5 years [1]. Thus it is important to decide which gallbladder polyps should be treated. The most accepted guideline now is for gallbladder polyps that are more than 10mm to be removed.

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Dr Stephen Chang

General Surgeon

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General Surgery

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Dr Cheng Shin Chuen is a General Surgeon with a sub-speciality in Vascular and Endovascular procedures. He is the clinical director at Cheng SC Vein & Endovascular Clinic.

Dr Cheng graduated from the University of New South Wales and then completed his training in General Surgery in Singapore. Following that, he did his Endovascular fellowship at Price of Wales Hospital, Sydney as a Senior Clinical Fellow in 2007.

Dr Cheng was the Chief of vascular and Endovascular Surgery Services at Tan Tock Sent Hospital. He was also the Associate Program Director of General Surgery Training, NHG-AHPL Training Cluster and Adjunct Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore. In 2011, he was awarded the inaugural Nanyang Technological University-National Healthcare Group for Vascular Imaging research.

On top of his clinical practice, Dr Cheng Shin Chuen is actively involved in providing undergraduate and postgraduate training. He still teaches Medical Students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and is the Medtronic Regional Proctor for complex Endovascular Procedures. He was also invited as the speaker or lecturer in various medical conferences both in the region and across the world. He is a Visiting Consultant Endovascular Surgeon to Tham Duc Cardiovascular Hospital, Ho Chi Minh and a Member of the American College of Phlebology.

Keyhole Surgery

Dr Kan graduated from Manchester University Medical school and went on to obtain further qualifications from Addenbrookes Hospital. Thereafter, he pursued post-graduate senior surgical fellowships at world-renowned centres - National Cancer Centre and the Cancer Institute (Tokyo, Japan), Prince of Wales Chinese University Hospital (Hong Kong) and Princess Alexandra Hospital (Brisbane, Australia). These fellowships have trained him to be well-versed with thoracoscopic resections for oesophageal and gastric cancers and MIS for the benign oesophageal disease. Minimally invasive/ keyhole surgery is a highly complex surgery and Dr Kan is one of a few surgeons in Asia who can successfully treat stomach and oesophagea cancer using this method.

He served as a clinical lead in Upper GI focusing on MIS in general surgery and a surgical lead in trauma and bariatric surgical services at Alexandra Hospital and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. There, he established a multidisciplinary team to perform laparoscopic gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomies on severely obese patients.
Dr Kan’s other clinical interest includes bariatric/metabolic surgery for the obese patient. He has been performing laparoscopic gastric bypass since 2002.

On top of his clinical practices, Dr Kan regularly shares his knowledge and experiences and has presented at medical conferences all over the world (USA, UK, France, India, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand).

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