Who should I consult if I would like to undergo gender transitioning?

Gender identity pertains to our sense of who we are and how we see and describe ourselves. Most people identify as "male" or "female", the "binary" identities. However, there are some people who feel that their gender identity is different from their biological sex. A person who has male genitals and facial hair may not see himself as male or feel masculine. Another person who has female genitals and breasts does not identify as a female or feel feminine. These people do not define themselves as having a "binary" identity. They are often called "non-binary".

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Dr Beng Yeong Ng


What are the treatment options for osteoporosis and are they Medisave claimable?

Osteoporosis is a chronic disease under the CDMP ( Chronic Disease Management Programme) and is thus Medisave claimable. The total amount of Medisave that can be used for outpatient purposes including chronic disease management is $500. For persons above 60, you can also use the Flexi-Medisave $200, so that makes it a total of $700 for outpatient usage. You need to make a co-payment of 15% for this. You can also use your Merdeka or PG card for the treatment of osteoporosis.

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Dr Soon Wee Quah

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I've made my decision to undergo gender transitioning, what sex reassignment treatments and procedures do I need to go through?

Good morning,Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we are unable to answer yourquestion on email because this clinical question has to be addressedon a case by case basis and we will need to see you in person. Kindly call our clinic to book an appointment if you are interested tosee Dr Freda Khoo.

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Dr Freda Khoo Wan Yu


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