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How quickly after a car accident can you determine that a tooth has to be extracted?

First of all, when I see patients who have been involved with car accidents, immediately after the car accident, you’re not really thinking so much about your tooth. You’re thinking about your spine, your neck, your brain. After a serious car accident, the ambulance will rush the victim to the hospital to stabilise the patient, to make sure that there are no major injuries to the body, brain, or spine. So by the time all these other body injuries are settled, then the tooth is kind of secondary importance.

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Dr Gerald Tan


What is the prognosis for extrusion of a root canal-treated tooth under 2mm?

If you have a root canal-treated tooth that has failed, you can extract it. I mean if it is a hopeless case, there’s no way of saving it, you have to extract it. But the problem with extracting root canal-treated teeth is that they are very weak and brittle. So when the dentist tries to extract the tooth, there’s always a chance that the tooth may shatter and it may break or fracture. Extracting wisdom teeth could be simple if the dentist is skilled and is able to remove the tooth in one piece but if the tooth breaks or fractures, it becomes a very difficult extraction.

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Dr Gerald Tan


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Complex Dental Problems and Dental Trauma

Ended on June 3, 2020

Dr Gerald Tan was voted by his peers to be the youngest and longest-serving president of the Aesthetic Dentistry Society of Singapore (ADSS) from 2012-2016. ADSS also selected him to be on the Singapore Dental Association’s Ethics Committee in 2014. His past experience as a commissioned Dental Officer at the Singapore Armed Forces, National Dental Centre Singapore, SingHealth Polyclinics, and the School Dental Centre, Health Promotion Board enriched him with necessary skills to start his own private group practice in 2013 by the name of Elite Dental Group, with a vision to eliminate severe dental anxiety often associated with complex dental treatment.

Dr Jaclyn Toh graduated with honours from the Dublin Dental School and Hospital of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She is a member of the Singapore Dental Association, the College of General Dental Practitioners Singapore and the Aesthetic Dentistry Society of Singapore. Dr Toh has been pursuing excellence from the start. Her passion is combining restorative and cosmetic dentistry with orthodontics, for comprehensive dentistry.

Dr Shawna D’dharan graduated from Saveetha Dental College, an institution recognised as among the leading private dental schools in India. As one of the college’s most promising graduates, Dr Shawna excelled in her clinical practice, emerging 2nd out of 100 students in her graduating class.

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