Why does a change in birth control pills cause female hair loss?

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How do birth control pills prevent pregnancy?

First and foremost, the primary contraception action of the oral contraceptive pill is that they prevent ovulation of an egg from the ovary. The oral contraceptive pills also change the nature of the cervical mucus especially during the fertile period by making it more hostile to sperm survival and motility. Finally, the oral contraceptive pills thin the endometrial lining making it harder for an embryo to implant. The oral contraceptive pills are very effective (as long as you are taking them correctly as instructed) and are associated with a low failure rate.

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Dr Christopher Ng


How much do birth control pills cost in Singapore, and where can I get them from?

Birth control pills are generally pretty affordable, with several brands available in Singapore. The cost of birth control pills may vary depending on the brand of pills that you are looking for. Generic brands can cost as cheap as less than $10 per box, while the more popular brands such as Yasmin can cost an average of $30+ per box. You will require a doctor's prescription to obtain the pills in Singapore, and it would be better to have a consultation first to ascertain if you are suitable to take the pills.

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