What tests can help to differentiate between reversible and non-reversible causes for hair loss?

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Non-reversible hair loss is usually due to scarring of the hair follicles from either infection, infiltration or inflammation.

The most important test to diagnose the above is a scalp biopsy. A scalp biopsy is best performed by a dermatologist.

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What is the cause and treatment in Singapore for female hair loss? How much would hair loss treatment in Singapore cost?

There is difference between hair thinning and hair fall. If you noticed hair gradually thinning over months or years, female pattern hair loss is the most likely diagnosis. If however, there is an increase in the hair fall of >100 strands, that is significant and there are a number of conditions that can cause this and this often warrants further investigation to look for the underlying cause. Dermatologists specialize in the treatment of skin and hair diseases and you can consider seeing a dermatologist for your concerns.

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How time sensitive is starting treatment for male pattern baldness?

From your description, it does sound like you may have telogen effluvium. In telogen effluvium, there is increased hair loss due to a preceding stressful event, such as high fever, crash dieting and emotional stress. The surgery in June may be a triggering event. By definition, hair fall is considered abnormal if there is loss of over 100 strands of hair a day. This condition is usually self limiting and the hair fall usually last for 2 – 4 months . The new hairs will eventually grow out.

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