What kind of tests are done to diagnose hair loss in males?

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For hair loss, the need for test depends on the underlying cause of the hair loss.

For male pattern hair loss, this is usually a clinical diagnosis based on the history and pattern of hair loss and blood tests are not usually necessary.

For other causes of hair loss, like telogen effluvium, where there is increase in the shedding of hair, blood tests like:

  • full blood count
  • thyroid function test
  • iron levels
  • autoimmune screens

These are sometimes done to rule out any underlying cause of the hair loss.

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Does hair pulling cause permanent hair loss, and how can I treat it?

As you have correctly done, stopping the hair pulling is the first step in controlling the permanent follicle damage that can be caused by mechanical traction trauma. Do continue to be mindful to avoid pulling out more hair! If there are areas of scalp that have gaps in hair growth, you may already have caused permanent hair follicle damage to those follicles. In other words, new hair growth from those areas may not be possible without a hair transplantation procedure.

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What should I do next if I've been experiencing thinning hair over 2 years? (photo)

There are various types of hair loss that will require different treatment approaches. You should consult a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or aesthetic doctor with special interest in hair to help you with your concern. They should provide you with a detailed consultation, examination, necessary tests as well as advice for treatment options. From the picture, you appear to be suffering from spot balding (otherwise known as alopecia areata). This can be treated with topical medications and injections to the scalp with variable success rates in different individuals. All the best!

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