What is the cost of Invisalign in Singapore? How long does Invisalign treatment take?

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The rates are usually ranging from $6000 – $10000, depending. Many clinics have installment plans whereby you can pay monthly, so I don’t think having to save huge amounts should be an issue for you.

I do know for a fact though that several clinics who see much larger quantities of Invisalign patients get a bigger discount from Invisalign themselves – they tend to be able to pass on some of these costs savings to patients, so may be able to offer you a cheaper rate. Otherwise, orthodontists tend to be a bit more expensive because they are the “braces specialists” and have formal training towards correcting misaligned teeth.


You are right that keeping your teeth and gums clean (and therefore better dental health) is easier when your teeth are straighter. To know whether you are missing a tooth, the easiest way is to start counting your teeth from the middle onwards. As a rule of thumb, teeth often come in pairs; so if you have 7 on your right, you should have 7 on your left. However there are some instances that this may not be the case and therefore would be better looked at by an orthodontist.

Invisalign is a great option for you if you are concerned about how fixed braces may look in your mouth. The duration of treatment will definitely depend on a case to case basis (the average about 12-18months). Invisalign treatment is expensive because of the customisation to your teeth. Do ask the clinics for their installment plan so that it is easier on your pocket.

Good luck!

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Do braces change your facial profile?

You have asked a very interesting question and I am afraid the answer is yes and no! I will try to explain it as best I can. Braces CAN change profiles: Braces can change profiles only when the orthodontists and the patient plan to get it changed from the START of the treatment. A good example is when patients complain that when taking photographs, they notice that their side profile is sticking out and they have a very full smile (most patients use the terms, I look like a horse!) In this case, braces can help to retract the teeth to allow the patient to have a softer, gentler profile.

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It is better to get your braces done first before your crown. This is because the tooth and gum position will move and it may affect the final crown work. The crown surface may also be damaged during braces work (risk is small) which means that you may need a new crown after braces. If you want to be treated with subsidy you will need a polyclinic referral letter. However please note that there are no subsidies for any orthodontic treatment. You can be seen by the postgraduate students at NUS for a slightly reduced price for braces if you wanted to.

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Dr Sylvia Tan


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