What is the best treatment to remove milia seeds under the eye?

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Early SUPERFICIAL milia can be removed by tropical tretinoin creams and chemical peels. Deep milia seeds are removed by

  1. Ablative laser eg CO2 lasers
  2. Incision and expression
  3. Cautery

Yes it’s very important to PREVENT recurrence, especially if you are prone to having milia seeds. Products causing milia seeds include sunscreen and makeup; basically anything that CLOGS up your pores.

Hence its good to remove your makeup and sunscreen well by “double washing” your face. This means:

STEP 1: Using a cleansing oil to remove make-up and sunscreen

STEP 2: Foam cleanser that is suitable for your skin type

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Good questions! I agree with Dr Chua’s reply on the pros and cons of Fractional CO2 lasers versus Infini RF. In addition, I would like to address your question on the ideal length of time between subcision and Infini RF treatments. The ideal interval between treatments is 4-6 weeks. This is to allow for adequate skin recovery. Hope that this answers your questions!

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PRP at the present moment is not available in Singapore. It does help with acne scarring though, and you might have to go to neighbouring countries to do the treatment (including Malaysia). Having said that, you can consider Rejuran/skin boosters/microneedling that can help in a similar fashion. Your 2nd question on which is better — it depends on the severity and type of scars. But usually Fractional laser is the backbone of laser therapy. So consult your doctor early to discuss the available options.

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