What is the best treatment for pigmentation and depressed acne scars in Singapore? Do topical creams for acne scars work?

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With regards to your questions:

1) Acne scars

There are different types of acne scars and most of the time, patients often have a combination of scars.

A consultation / examination is key in determining the type of scars that you have and the treatment options relevant to those scars.

Treatment options available include: subscision, fractional skin resurfacing, microneedle Radiofrequency, dermal fillers etc.

The redness associated with the scars can be improved with certain types of lasers.

2) Pigmentation

There are many different types of pigmentation and an examination is once again required to determine what type of pigment you have as this will guide the treatment required.

There are several options available but in general, lightening creams and pigment lasers are commonly used.

Moles can be removed either by ablative lasers, cautery, surgery etc.

Hope that helps.

All the best!

1)acne scar with crater,

firstly, need to assess if the skin has healed well before a gentle subcision of the the crater scar. This is followed by a resurfacing, best by a fractional resurfacing laser. Otherwise a spot chemical peel will do well too. often multiple sessions will be needed for both laser and chemical peels.


it can be many types of pigmentation, from freckles to Post-inflammatory pigmentation(PIH) to moles. pigment laser work well for freckles, but there is down time for 3-5days. PIH can be treated with nonablative laser and creams. Moles can be treated with ablative laser after careful assessment by the doctor.


Hello Jacqua,

1. Acne Scars

Unfortunately acne scars, once formed, are a pain to get rid off. So I always advise my patient to worry about preventing new acne first, before bothering with their acne scars.

I’ve pretty much covered all there is to know previously about preventing and treating acne, as well as treating acne scars (click on link).

All topical creams ARE VERY limited in their ability to treat/get rid of scars once they are formed. My personal favourite is retinoic acid, but that’s mainly useful for making your face less oily, preventing new acne, and reducing the PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or the reddish/blue-purple discoloration left behind after a pimple pops). It has minimal effects on depressed scars that are already formed.

Some of the PIH (or redness) within the depressed scars will also fade on it’s own with time, typically at least 3-4 months later.

Hiruscar is not a cream that doctors use for acne scar treatment (or acne, for that matter). If you want to use a topical cream, you should use retinoic acid instead (available with a doctor’s prescription).

To get rid of your depressed scars, you will probably need some combination of fractional laser treatment and/or chemical peels/subcisions, depending on the severity and type of your acne scars.

2. Pigments

If they were left behind after a pimple went away, this is also probably due to PIH (see above).

All things considered, I think to properly have your acne scars assessed and treated, you need to see a doctor. In Singapore, you can seek out either a dermatologist, or an aesthetic doctor with an interest in treating acne scars.


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Is Rejuran effective for treating rolling acne scars permanently?

Rejuran should be considered a supplement to lasers for scar treatment (as opposed to a treatment method on its own); it theoretically provides a more optimal biological framework for wound healing and hence scar remodelling. It is not necessary, and scar treatment with fractional lasers alone can produce a good 50-70% improvement of atrophic scars. It can, however, make the healing better and/or faster. Such an investment can be wise to maximise your time and money spent on the fractional laser sessions. Other techniques can be combined, including subscision and subdermal filler placement.

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Is the Mosaic or Fraxel laser better for treating acne scars and pigmentation?

Acne scars and uneven skin texture can be improved using Mosaic or Fraxel whereas pigmentation is best treated using either Q-switched ND:Yag lasers or the newer Picosecond lasers. Mosaic vs Fraxel: Similarities Both lasers use fractional technology. The laser beams create heated columns of “thermal damage” throughout the treated tissue. This results in alteration of the collagen structure in the skin’s deeper layers which creates conditions that are ideal for collagen regeneration and increased elasticity. This results in shallower scars.

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