What do I need to know when choosing between IVF and IUI?

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Both methods can be effective, but a lot depends on your medical condition and the causes of your subfertility in the first place.

IUI is relatively simple, less invasive, less costly and less time-consuming, but the success rates are lower. Certain existing conditions make IUI less favourable, for example if your husband’s sperm count and quality are low, or if you have 1 or both fallopian tubes blocked.

IVF gives you the best chance of getting pregnant, but it demands more of your time and effort, is more invasive and costly, and most ladies find it more stressful.

You and your spouse should discuss this issue with your fertility doctor in order to understand and select the type of treatment that best suits you.

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What are the health risks for an IVF child compared to a naturally conceived child?

Many large scale studies have been conducted and so far the consensus is that there is no difference in health between naturally conceived babies and IVF babies.

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Dr Paul Tseng


How do I optimize my chances of IVF success, and what are the success rates of IVF treatment in Singapore?

I personally believe that the success of IVF is directly dependent on the health of the Woman and her husband. Eating well, as in eating nutrient rich foods helps to ensure proper cell function at every level. Minimising toxic chemicals, quitting smoking and not consuming contaminated foods and drinks helps reduce cell damage. I also believe that complementary Medicine such as those offered by TCM and acupuncture contribute positively to a successful outcome. I am loathe to quote results because it really depends on the medical reasons for doing IVF.

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Dr Paul Tseng


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