What could be the cause of a rash after hiking and coming into contact with mud?

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Dera Esther,

It is difficult to be sure what the rash is without seeing it or having a proper assessment.

A possibility could be a patch of eczema or dermatitis resulting from irritation from contact with the mud. This is not scaly but may be itchy. It can sometimes settle with brownish stains or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which takes weeks or months to clear. Moisturizers and some topical steroids may help to settle this.

Skin infections from bacteria from the mud breaching the skin barrier can also lead to red patches. This is usually red and painful. This is best treated with oral antibiotics.

I would suggest that you see your doctor or dermatologist for a proper assessment to determine the exact nature of your rash if this still persistent.

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Hi, I can understand your concern about the rash in view of your exposure history. Certainly, some STDs can cause rash/ skin lesions like Syphilis, Herpes and HIV. Typically, secondary syphilis (that means syphilis that has not been treated and the disease progress to 2nd stage) can cause a rash but the rash is usually not itchy and usually appear as small bumps. Herpes usually cause blister-like skin lesions. HIV rash can vary in appearance and there is no specific characteristic rash that can definitely indicate that it is a HIV rash.

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