What can I expect from a fertility assessment?

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Thanks for the D2D. A fertility assessment would start with a detailed history of both you and your partner/spouse. This would serve to shed light on your general health, existing medical problems (if any), and issues specific to your chances of conception.

A physical examination would follow, and for ladies an ultrasound scan of your pelvic organs (ie. womb and ovaries) is essential. This would then enable the doctor to tailor investigations specific to your condition.

For example, if you have irregular menses, the scan may show small cysts in the ovaries and a blood test for certain hormones will help us to diagnose conditions like polycystic ovaries.

For men, a semen analysis would give preliminary information on the quality and quantity of sperm, from which further tests or treatment can be formulated.

These initial checks would form a basis from which treatment plans can be discussed and implemented.

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Basic fertility assessment includes a Sperm analysis and evidence of a growing follicle with the presence of an ovulation trigger. This is assessed by ultrasound at strategic times in the cycle.

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