What can cause rashes on my armpit after sex? (photo)

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How do I know if my rashes are caused by an unsuitable body wash?

Hello Wan Thank you for your question. A simple way will be to stop using your current body wash and change to another brand that you used before in the past. If the rash improves and subsides after you change your body wash, then it is the likely culprit. If not, you should follow up with your skin specialist and see if there is a need for further investigations to find the cause of your rash. You can consider using regular moisturisers and mild steroid creams for symptomatic relief in the mean time. Hope this helps!

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Dr Jiwei Wu


How long does pityriasis rosea take to clear up?

Thanks for the question. Pityriasis rosea is a condition that typically presents with scattered red rashes on the trunk and arms and thighs which may be scaly. The face is often spared in this condition. There is a herald patch, often a larger patch that appears before the rest of the rashes, but this is not seen in all cases of pityriasis rosea. The face is also a very unusual site to get the herald patch. So overall, it is really difficult to comment if your rash is truly pityriasis rosea without seeing your rashes.

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Dr Colin Theng


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