What are the types of liposuction available in Singapore?

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Liposuction is a procedure that has many different variables that surgeons can choose from. There are differences in the tools used as well as differences in technique.

For the tools used, the suction can be just from a syringe or it can be from a suction machine. A machine can definitely provide more suction than a syringe. The cannulas come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as specialised tips.

There are special machines that help break down the fat in different ways – powered liposuction vibrates the cannula, bodyjet uses a jet a water to loosen the fat, VASER uses ultrasound energy to emulsify the fat prior to suction, lasers can also be used prior to suction but this is not common in Singapore.

Techniques also vary from surgeon to surgeon. Every surgeon’s technique will be different from another’s. I use a technique called SAFELipo. In this technique special cannulas are used to loosen the fat before suction, as well as after, to reduce the risk of contour irregularities.

I find this technique is efficient and gives superior results compared to traditional techniques. Techniques using energy to break down the fat, such as VASER or laser, have a small risk of burn injury to the skin. I would prefer not to take that risk.

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How safe is liposuction in Singapore?

In Singapore, liposuction is a special service that is regulated by the Ministry of Health. This was done to improve the safety of the procedure. This means that patients cannot be rushed into the surgery (they have to wait 1 week between consultation and surgery), and only doctors with the required training are accredited to do it. The procedure must be carried out in an approved facility with adequate emergency facilities. The safety has also been improved by anaesthetic guidelines that mean only qualified anaesthetic doctors can give deep sedation.

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Who are the best candidates for liposuction?

Based on your description, you sound like the ideal candidate for liposuction: Stable weight Good exercise regime No medical problems or medical problems that are well controlled Localized areas of fat that won't go away despite your best efforts The only thing I might want to hear is that you have a good dietary plan.

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