What are the risks of receiving unprotected oral sex?

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With unprotected oral sex, there is a risk of transmission of STDs, particularly for infections like gonorrhoea and herpes simplex virus (HSV). The throat can harbour the bacteria that causes gonorrhoea and this can spread through unprotected oral sex.

For HSV infection, the risk of spread is highest if the person has a history of cold sores and has active blisters or ulcers. The risk of spread is significantly less in the absence of active lesions.

Viral warts or HPV infection can spread through oral sex too.

For HIV infection, the risk of contracting it through oral sex is lower than vaginal or anal sex, but there is still a small risk. In the absence of cuts and bleeding in the mouth, the risk is low. It is therefore always important to engage in safe sex and use a condom at all times.

If you are concerned, you can consider going to see your doctor for STD screening. Your doctor can assess your risk and advice you on the necessary screening tests.

There is a small risk of HIV transmission , as well as a more moderate risk of herpes simplex, gonorrhea and the human papilloma virus (HPV).

There is an increased incidence now recognised of oral pharyngeal cancer related to previous HPV infection through oral sex. Please take precautions for protecting yourself eg use of condoms.

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Dr Theng has given a wonderful answer. Oral sex is generally considered safe but there is a low risk of transmission if there are some open wounds which may not be obvious.

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