What are the possible physical and psychological causes for unexplained itch in the absence of visible rash or skin lesion?

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Thank you for the question.

The are many causes for itchy skin when no visible rash can be seen.

The causes include:

1 Dry Skin

2. Underlying skin diseases eg. eczema, hives

3.Neurological causes eg. notalgia paresthetica, shingles

4.Underlying medical problems eg. renal or liver disease, thyroid problems, iron deficiency

5.Certain cancers eg. lymphomas or myeloma

6. Psychological factors eg. anxiety and stress

Often further history examination and blood tests will be required to determine any underlying cause for the itch.

If you have persistent unexplained itch, do see your doctor or dermatologist for a proper assessment and management.

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What could cause persistent rash and itch after sandfly bites?

Sorry to hear that your skin rashes are breaking out all over. Sandfly or insect bite reaction is due to a hypersensitivity response of your body to the insect bites. In susceptible individuals, the body mounts a hypersensitive or ‘allergic’ response to the foreign protein deposited in the skin from the bite. The reaction can persist for weeks to months after the initial insect bite. People with atopy (ie asthma, eczema or allergic rhinitis/sinus) may be more susceptible to insect bite reactions.

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Dr Colin Theng


What could be cause of my skin rash after giving birth?

Thanks for the very clear history and photographs. The red rash looks like a bruise and this is likely to be due to excessive pressure over the area, aggravated by the compression from the stripes which squeezes the enclosed areas. This will typically take 1 to 2 weeks to resolve. Blood tests are usually done to rule out underlying conditions like low platelets which may lead to increased susceptibilty to bleeding. I assume these tests were done and were normal. I would suggest wearing leotards without this stripe pattern so that there will not be added pressure to the skin.

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Answered By

Dr Colin Theng


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