What are the different body constitutions in TCM?

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Body type is a mode of classification founded on TCM principles and observations which categorizes an individual’s constitution based on his/her predominant physical and psychological characteristics.

Hence, this explains someone's temperament and susceptibility to certain medical conditions. An individual often exhibits a principal body type with a combination of the others.

You were told that you have a yin and cold body type, in other words – Yang deficient (low in Yang energy). This means that you often experience cold extremities and are sensitive to cold weather and environments. You prefer warm places, hot food, and tend to be introverted. Typically, a Yang deficient person, is susceptible to water retention and excessive weight gain.

The nine (9) major body types are:

  1. Neutral (well-balanced type)
  2. Yang deficient (cold type)
  3. Yin deficient (hot type)
  4. Qi deficient (fatigue type)
  5. Qi stagnation (sentimental type)
  6. Phlegm and Dampness (water retention type)
  7. Damp-heat (inflammatory type)
  8. Blood-stasis (poor circulation type)
  9. Hypersensitivity (allergies type)

Hope this helps!

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