What are some recommendations on CPAP machine in Singapore for sleep apnea?

Doctor's Answer

There are so many types of CPAP machines on the market and internet, it can be bewildering. The most important consideration should be that it is something tailored to your specific type and severity of sleep apnea.

The mask choice, fitting, fine tuning of settings, type of CPAP, even the size and portability of the machine is important to optimise use and effectiveness.

The after sales support is very important too. For that reason, I do not advise that the CPAP be bought on the internet, as your doctors will not be able to support you in the use of the CPAP after that.

Machines do break down and mask fits do need updating along the way as your condition may change too. Without proper and hands-on, timely support and trouble-shooting, many patients end up not using what they have bought, with risk to their health.

When using a CPAP, it continues to be important to have some follow up with your doctor. For example, if the nose continues to be blocked, you would have to use the CPAP at high pressures and may not be able to tolerate it and thus become non- compliant with it.

The doctor may then need to help identify the source of block and some simple medications may help. If it is a structural obstruction, sometimes, a surgical procedure is needed to allow comfortable use of the CPAP.

If you go with a vendor or brand recommended by the doctor, that would be safe. The doctor liaises closely with the vendors to support the patient, and would choose only proven CPAP brands and models that have worked well. As you have identified, Philips and ResMed are well known brands, but there are others too, something to meet every need.

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