What are possible reasons for bulging muscles during chewing after jawline Botox?

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The jaw muscle (Masseter) is divided into two distinct parts, the superficial and deep. Occasionally, due to various reasons, the injection may be placed too superficially and fails to diffuse to the deeper portion of the Masseter muscle. During chewing or jaw clenching, this untreated deep Masseter may herniate through the weakened superficial layer during contraction and cause a visible bulge.

Fortunately this can be remedied. I suggest you return to your doctor as he or she is the best person to know how much and how deep the previous injections were.

Hope this helps.

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Will botox for jaw reduction cause your face to become very stiff?

The main side effects of Botox/Dysport/Xeomin is when the botox: 1. Diffuses to surrounding muscles 2. Is placed in the correct muscle, but the dosage is too high For masseter reduction with botox: 1. If the botox diffuses to the muscle in front, called the risorus, your smile will be affected and becomes asymmetrical. This gives rise to the feeling of “stiffness” in the face. 2. If the dosage is too high, the masseter muscle can become over-shrunk, and there will be a hollowness at the sides of your face.

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How can I tell if my chubby cheeks are caused by large jaw muscles or fats? (photos)

One good method is to do the below : 1. Stand in front of a mirror. 2. Place the palms of your hands at the lower face, just in front of your ears and just above the jawline. 3. Clench your teeth Observe if there’s any muscle popping out into your palms when you do 3. See if that’s at the zone where the “chubbiness” is. If it corresponds to the area of the face which is making your face look wide and square, then we know botox jaw reduction will cause a significant face slimming effect! If not, it’s due to chubby cheeks (buccal fats) as we call it.

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