What are cheap and good creams in Singapore for very dry skin?

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Hello CLST – for very dry skin, budget yet effective solutions would be to go to a polyclinic/NSC and get a prescription for a super big pump bottle of QV or aqueous cream – I think those come by the litre. They are also sold pretty cheaply if you pick it up at the pharmacy.

Click this link for what QV cream pump bottles look like.

I have 2 of those at home for when I have dry skin myself – just apply liberally after you shower, and up to 3 times a day or more. Avoid very hot baths and showers as well, which can dry your skin.

If that still doesn’t work, you may need an oilier solution (pun unintended) like liquid paraffin. Examples you can buy in Singapore are white soft paraffin at the NSC, and E45 cream. It’s a bit messy though and inconvenient especially where clothes are concerned, which is why some patients prefer not to use them

Because you are diabetic – it’s all the more important you take good care of your skin as any skin infections can be a pain (diabetes cause poorer wound recovery). It’s a common condition for diabetic patients to have dry skin, as high sugars cause water to leave your skin at a faster rate.

Hope that you get better soon!

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I agree with Dr Ethan that this is likely to be eczema affecting the eyelids from the desciption but do see your dermatologist to confirm this. Mild steroidal creams or non steroidal creams like elidel or protopic can help to settle the eczema. Avoid scratching and rubbing the area as this will further aggravate the skin. Yoy should also use a gentle soap free cleanser when washing the face. If you are using cosmetics around the eyes, you may want to consider stopping this for a while as some products may cause the skin to become more itchy and red.

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Congestion and sensitive skin is often a difficult combination to treat because part of treatment of congestion involves exfoliation and oil control which in itself drys the skin. Treatment of clogged pores and blackheads involves exfoliation with: 1. Medical facials done by medical personal who is familiar with treating acne problems and sensitive skin at the same time 2. Skincare from doctors Yes you should seek a dermatologist because it is important to be able to strike a balance between controling your acne and yet avoiding making your dry and sensitive skin worse.

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