Under what circumstances is it recommended to use Invisalign to seal up a 4mm teeth gap?

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Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners which are customised plastic trays designed to move teeth. It is a treatment alternative to conventional braces treatment by using plastic trays/aligners to apply force onto teeth.

In general, spaces can be the result of :

1. missing teeth

2. smaller teeth compared to the size of the jaw

3. small lateral incisors

4. tongue habit, tongue pushing against the teeth causing it to be pushed forwards resulting in generalised spacing (spaces spread out over a few teeth)

Whether the space should be closed or filled up with either a tooth/tooth coloured restoration (filling/veneer) will depend largely on the location of the space, the occlusion/bite, the symmetry of the space and the cause of the space.

In my opinion, if the spaces are generalised and symmetrical and the bite at the back teeth is good, this would be a good indication for space closure with Invisalign.

However if the space is due to missing teeth or small teeth, the treatment plan may differ based on the patient's facial profile and smile aesthetics. Hence it would be best to consult your dentist/orthodontist after an examination.

Hope this helps and all the very best,

Dr Priscilla Lu


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