What are the treatments I can go through for oily skin, large pores, acne scars, and small bumps on the face? (Photo)

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Hi there,

For your skin issues as seen in the picture and described by you, there are 2 main options.

1. Chemical peels - chemical solutions safe for skin application like salicylic acid , lactic acid etc can be applied on the skin for 1-2 minutes and then washed off or neutralized by another solution. It causes exfoliation of dead skin cells, reduces inflammation , kills bacteria and stimulates renewal of skin.

2. Picosecond lasers with Focus Lens mode - my favourite is PicoSure, the first USA FDA-approved picosecond laser. Picosecond lasers by itself targets mostly pigmentation and slight skin rejuvenation - however, with PicoSure’s Focus Lens (take note that only PicoSure has this patented focus lens technology) fixed on, PicoSure is able to reduce open pores size, stimulate collagen synthesis , kill bacteria and also calm down active acne pustules.

Many years ago, chemical peels would be the best way to treat your condition. After PicoSure came out, I found that PicoSure has no peeling and no downtime except for a few hours of redness, yet is very effective. Therefore PicoSure is my favourite mode of choice for your condition.

Best Regards,
Dr Isaac Wong

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What is the best acne treatment for recurrent breakouts at temple, jawline and chin?

I noticed that I tend to breakouts after holidays. Yes, weather and humidity changes can sometimes trigger breakouts. Stress/poor quality of sleep due to jet lag and time differences can also contribute. Speaking from personal experience here; I tend to break out much worse in Singapore than I did living in the UK. Went to national skin centre for consultation, and was given some watery creams and Cetaphil products to use. Hard to comment on what you were given, but from what you’ve described here, NSC doesn’t seem to have given you anything specifically for acne treatment.

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What is the best treatment for pigmentation and depressed acne scars in Singapore? Do topical creams for acne scars work?

1)acne scar with crater, firstly, need to assess if the skin has healed well before a gentle subcision of the the crater scar. This is followed by a resurfacing, best by a fractional resurfacing laser. Otherwise a spot chemical peel will do well too. often multiple sessions will be needed for both laser and chemical peels. 2)pigmentation it can be many types of pigmentation, from freckles to Post-inflammatory pigmentation(PIH) to moles. pigment laser work well for freckles, but there is down time for 3-5days. PIH can be treated with nonablative laser and creams.

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Dr Irenaeus Liu


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