What are the side effects of consuming Accutane?

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Invariably, the skin and lips will get dry. Sometimes it can affect the liver and cholesterol, so you may need to do a blood test before and after to ensure that you are safe. The biggest problem is that it can affect fetuses, hence it is important to reinforce to women to not get pregnant while consuming Accutane. It can also affect the mood and cause depression but it is very rare. However, it is a very effective drug for acne treatment and many people who consume it get very good control of acne.

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It’d definitely help to highlight all these worries you have during the consult with your doctor, so that he can take your concerns into consideration, and advise as necessary. He’ll always be the best person to advise you, as compared to any online source. Eg if I googled online about any medication, I’m sure I’ll find a million and one horrible things that could happen. In answer to your questions: Yes Nimegen = Accutane = isotretinoin (it’s the active ingredient in both), hence side effects will be the same.

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Hi Aaron – I completely agree with whatever your doctor has done. I had asked about accutane but my doctor was hesitant in prescribing to me due to my history with depression. I’d err on the side of caution as well, as depression, although rare, is one of the side effects of accutane. Moreover, you described your acne as mild so accutane would be an overkill. My dermatologist said that the retacnyl will help to clear my acne(very few) and my dark spots and mild acne scars. Would it actually help to eliminate my acne scars?

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