Should I wait for my wisdom teeth to fully develop before getting braces?

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Wisdom teeth usually erupt between 15 to 21 years old. But you don't necessarily have to wait for the wisdom tooth to come out. In fact, before you have your wisdom tooth removed or any sort of teeth removed, or any extensive dental work, and you have the intention of doing braces.

I would suggest you go see a dentist first to consult on the braces suitability. It's possible sometimes that we can extract the wisdom tooth or keep it as part of the braces treatment plan.

For example, if I know I'm going to extract the tooth, I may use it as a form of anchorage to help the other teeth to move faster before I pluck the wisdom tooth.

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What are the prerequisites before a child can get braces?

They should not have tooth decay, or if decay has been treated over a period of one year, they should not have a cavity. If those are present, adding braces on top of that you are more likely to get a decay during treatment. The second criterion is that dental hygiene has to be good. With braces on, they may not be able to clean it well. There is also maturity, meaning whether or not they are able to cooperate. This is true even for young children. They don’t understand why they need braces but as long as they are able to cooperate with us it should be alright.

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Dr Jaclyn Toh


What are the pros and cons of extracting asymptomatic, fully impacted wisdom teeth prior to wearing braces?

I can understand your concern as it may seem unnecessary to remove teeth that are not causing any trouble. Why mend what's not broken right? These are some of my thoughts about removing asymptomatic fully impacted wisdom teeth prior to wearing braces. Pros :Sometimes during braces treatment, teeth may be indicated for extraction due to the need to create space or to remove any obstruction to the path of eruption, or the removal of buried/extra teeth. Some of these teeth may be difficult to remove and general anaesthesia may be needed for the procedure.

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Dr Priscilla Lu


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