Should I be concerned if my menstrual cycle is 40 days long?

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Menstrual cycles abnormalities/changes can occur for a wide variety of reasons from the benign such as stress to more serious conditions like cancers. Generally, if there is any change in the pattern of your menstrual cycles especially if the change if persistent, it would be advisable to seek medical advise. Normal menstrual cycles do differ from person to person but it usually would be between 21 to 35 days.

Thus my advise would be to seek further evaluation with your doctor to determine the cause of the change of your menstrual cycle. He/ She will need to asks some questions like when did you start menses, your previous menstrual cycles, medications/ supplements (including oral contraceptive pills). Also whether there is abnormal bleeding between your menses or after sex. Some tests may also be ordered like hormonal tests, ultrasound and pap smear.

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Where should I go to confirm a diagnosis of PCOS in Singapore?

I agree that seeing a gynaecologist directly might make the most sense as regardless of history taking by the GP, the ultimate confirmatory diagnosis is still ultrasound of your ovaries. They would be better placed to discuss with you on treatment modalities.

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Dr Winston Lee


Can I safely resume taking my contraceptive pills if I have stopped taking it for a period of time?

I suggest to have a scan done by your gynae to check the lining of the endometrium. It is not uncommon after prolonged use that the lining thins out by quite a bit so there is nothing much to shed as a “period” as such after cessation of the pills. This situation is generally temporary, and the periods should come back soon. A second possibility is that you naturally had infrequent cycles (say every 3-4 months) due to irregular ovulation. The pill will mask this and make it seem like your periods come every month.

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Dr Jasmine Mohd


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