What causes Post-inflammatory Erythema(PIE) and what home treatment options are there?

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Are there safe topical treatments for post-inflammatory erythema in Singapore?

Hi, Generally, all post-inflammatory erythema with take several weeks to months to gradually clear on its own. The more intense the preceding inflammation, the longer it will usually take to clear. If you are bothered about the post-inflammatory erythema, a concealer is probably the safest way to conceal it while your skin heals itself and the redness fades away. Mirvaso (bromonidine) gel, used to treat the redness of Rosacea may possibly work but it is costly and may cause skin irritation in 10% of patients using it. Hope this helps!

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Dr Chin Yee Choong


What is the most cost-effective way, like with oral medications, I can remove hyperpigmentation, pores, and hormonal pimples?

Thank you for the question. It is important to get a proper diagnosis of the type of pigmentation as there are many causes of pigmentation. Some may be responsive to topical lightening agents while others may not. For pigmented naevi or moles, they do not respond to topical or oral medication treatment. They will require surgical excision or laser treatment for removal. For acne treatment, in milder cases, topical treatments with tretinoin cream, benzoyl peroxide or topical clindamycin creams may be sufficient to control it.

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Dr Colin Theng


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