I am 58 years old. What is the most effective weight-loss method? is Duromine effective in losing weight?

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Below are the different ways to lose weight in order of effectiveness:

  1. Surgery
  2. Intermittent fasting
  3. Exercise

Losing Weight Through Surgery

The most effective way to lose weight is actually surgery. We call it bariatric surgery. So far, it is the most effective method to reduce weight in the long term with a high success rate. But of course, you have to first join a weight management program in a hospital.

Read this article for more information about two different weight-loss surgeries: Bariatric surgery and Balloon Surgery

Losing Weight Through Intermittent Fasting

Next up will be intermittent fasting. This is a simple and powerful concept, where you spend 8 hours of a day eating, and 16 hours not eating. You would try to coincide this 8 hours with the most active hours of the day. Extremely effective, especially in treating diabetes. So when people ask me what is the best diet? It is NO DIET, or NO food specifically. I've seen people lose tonnes of weight through this.

Losing Weight Through Exercise

The next up will be insane exercise. This one might require a little bit more help. Firstly, get checked out by a doctor if you are fit for exercise.

Then, get ready. Buy proper equipment such as:

  • Good running shoes
  • Fitness equipment— dumbells, etc
  • Fitness instructor if needed.

Then, just whack it hard. 150 minutes of INTENSE exercise (where your heart rate goes up a lot) DAILY. This will produce incredible results. I've seen many people lose a lot of weight.

Any other methods out there are just a gimmick to earn a few dollars from you.

You may read this article that talks about the ultimate guide to effectively losing weight as explained by a doctor.

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