Is there a link between hair loss and spotting between periods?

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What could cause irregular spotting between periods?

Irregular spotting between periods is also known as intermenstural bleeding. There can be a variety of reasons behind the occurrence of intermenstural bleeding. Some of the common reasons may include early pregnancy, vaginal infections or STDs or even cervical or endometrial polyps. If you are experiencing such symptoms, it would be important for you to see your doctor to undergo further investigations to find out the underlying reason behind it. Hope this helps.

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Dr Michelle Chia

General Practitioner

Does the humid weather in Singapore causes hair loss?

Hi,Humid weather per se will not cause hair loss. Hair loss may be due to inflammation, hormonal-genetic factors, traction, poor nutrition, chronic illness, growth cycle abnormalities, etc which are not made worse by humid weather. If you are experiencing significant hair loss, do seek medical help to determine its actual cause so that effective treatment may be given to you. Hope this helps!

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Dr Chin Yee Choong


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