Is there a cure for vitiligo in Singapore?

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This is perhaps the most common question which I face on a regular basis.

Strictly speaking, there is no cure for vitiligo at the moment.

This is because there is a non-zero chance of recurrence of the condition which persists in spite of treatment which is difficult to predict.

There are, however, viable treatment options available to patients. Depending on the extent of vitiligo and the areas affected, patients can achieve reasonable degrees of repigmentation over time. The main keys to achieving results are a combination of adherence to therapy and patience.

I hope this helps to answer the question!

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What are the effects of stress on vitiligo?

What is vitiligo? It is classically considered to be a silent pigmentary disorder with few or no symptoms. With no pigment, the skin is extremely susceptible to burning. Prior studies have demonstrated that one-third of vitiligo patients report skin symptoms (e. g. pruritus, burning), which may be specifically associated with early-onset disease. Some vitiligo patients report abdominal cramping associated with their disease. An estimated 45 million people worldwide suffer vitiligo; at least one in 100 British adults is affected.

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Dr Beng Yeong Ng


What are possible triggers of vitiligo?

Hello, This is a great question! In the process of research aimed at identifying the underlying cause for vitiligo, scientists have postulated that vitiligo can be triggered by stress to the pigment producing cells of the skin. Some potential vitiligo triggers have been identified: Genetic susceptibility Sunburn Mechanical trauma (e. g. friction, cuts) Chemical exposure Low mood / Abnormal emotional stress Some of my patients have found that after one or a combination of the above-mentioned triggers, they began to notice progressive depigmentation occurring on their skin.

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Dr Christopher Lim

General Practitioner

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