Is the recovery process for an immediate dental implant the same as a delayed dental implant?

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Yes, it's a similar kind of recovery process. I wouldn't say that it is vastly different.

With an immediate implant or conventional delayed implant, typically the immediate recovery from the surgery can be 1 to 2 weeks.

Then we wait a typical 3-6 months or sometimes 8 months for the bone to fully regenerate. So, it's not too different.

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When is it advisable to replace my baby tooth with an implant?

Thank you for your enquiry on baby teeth and dental implants. From the Dental Panoramic Xray that you have provided , it is seen that you have several over-retained baby teeth due to congenitally missing adult teeth. Generally speaking, it is advisable to replace your baby tooth with an implant if :1. It is badly decayed2. It is very loose and mobile3. It is cracked, damaged or badly worn down4. It is affecting the way you smile because it is aesthetically not pleasing to you5.

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How would I know when I need a dental implant?

Usually, if you have a trauma to the teeth, it’s good to follow up with your dentist. Everyone should do this actually. You should see a dentist every 6 months. There are two ways it could happen. Your dentist could pick up an infection and tell you that the crack has become bigger because of the trauma, now you need to extract it because of the infection. Sometimes the infection actually doesn’t hurt, so you do not know that it’s getting worse. When we take X-rays, sometimes we can see these silent infections.

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