Is PRP injection available for acne scarring in Singapore?

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Is PRP treatment available in Singapore?

Yes. Unfortunately, it is only approved for non-surgical treatment of Acute Muscle and Ligaments Injuries in Singapore at the moment, and biological augmentation of Acute Achilles Tendon Repairs.

Does it help with acne scarring?

  1. Yes. PRP is rich in growth factor, which can stimulate the healing response and scars remodelling.
  2. As Dr Winston Lee mentioned, a few other treatments can help with your acne scars.

How much does it cost?

It ranges from a few hundred, to a few thousand per treatment. Since it is not approved for aesthetic use in Singapore currently, you might want to try our neighbouring countries.

Between fractional laser and PRP, which is better?

Both modes of treatment are different. One creates controlled injuries to stimulate new tissue growth, while the other one helps with healing. Combination treatment is the best.

Hope this helps!

PRP at the present moment is not available in Singapore. It does help with acne scarring though, and you might have to go to neighbouring countries to do the treatment (including Malaysia).

Having said that, you can consider Rejuran/skin boosters/microneedling that can help in a similar fashion.

Your 2nd question on which is better — it depends on the severity and type of scars. But usually Fractional laser is the backbone of laser therapy. So consult your doctor early to discuss the available options.

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How many sessions of fractional laser is required for mild to moderate acne scars?

With regards to your question, The number of sessions really depends on 2 main factors: How your skin reacts to the treatment. For some individuals, good results may be seen after 3 sessions whilst others may require 6 or even more sessions. The depth of penetration of the laser. If mild settings are used then more sessions may be required and results may not be as satisfactory. Additionally, as Dr Chua CY has pointed out, combination treatments usually yield more effective results. I personally do not usually just stick with one kind of treatment modality to treat acne scars.

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Is TCA Cross effective for deep acne scars?

There are actually a few types of acne scars – you’ll need to determine which type of scar you have to get the right treatment. Atrophic, hypertrophic, deep box scars, wide shallow scars each require a different treatment approach to achieve optimal results. TCA CROSS is a good first-line treatment for many types of acne scars, especially ice pick scars. Ice pick scars tend to be quite difficult to treat, due to its depth and narrowness (they are more narrow and deep than they are wide).

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