Is IVF or IUI the best treatment for infertility?

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If the tubes are blocked or damaged, there is no point in doing IUI. If the sperm count is so low, again there is no point in doing an IUI.

It may be a point in doing an IUI as an interim procedure before embarking on IVF.

Although it does not carry the same success rates as IVF, it is much less of a discomfort and definitely a much cheaper procedure.

Thanks for the D2D. Both methods can be effective, but a lot depends on your medical condition and the causes of your subfertility in the first place.

IUI is relatively simple, less invasive, less costly and less time-consuming, but the success rates are lower. Certain existing conditions make IUI less favourable, for example if your husband’s sperm count and quality are low, or if you have 1 or both fallopian tubes blocked.

IVF gives you the best chance of getting pregnant, but it demands more of your time and effort, is more invasive and costly, and most ladies find it more stressful.

You and your spouse should discuss this issue with your fertility doctor in order to understand and select the type of treatment that best suits you.

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Can IVF be used to select embryos with specific traits, such as skin colour?

In the IVF process, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) can be conducted in Singapore to detect embryos carrying life-threatening or debilitating diseases. This is especially so for couples who have a family history of hereditary diseases e. g. certain muscular dystrophies, thalassemia etc. However, the selection of gender or testing of the embryo for cosmetic purposes e. g. skin and eye colour is not permitted in Singapore to ensure that these technologies are used judiciously and not result in embryos being thrown away for certain reasons.

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Should I unblock my fallopian tube before IVF?

Sorry to hear about your previous history of ectopic pregnancies. This has some relevance since the conditions that lead to an increased risk for ectopic pregnancy are likely to affect both tubes in the pelvis, rather than just one side (since both tubes are connected to the uterus within the pelvis). Some of these conditions include infection, inflammation due to endometriosis, or could be related to surgery. Surgery to correct the blockage has been available for many years. This consists of microsurgery which can be performed through keyhole or laparoscopic surgery.

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