How to tell if my rashes are due to a food allergy? (photo)

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Thank you for the question and the clear photos. From the photos, it looks like you are suffering from hives, or the medical term is urticaria. This can occur suddenly, and may be related to a recent viral illness, certain medicines, insect bites or food.

Sometimes, no clear trigger or cause can be found. For patients who suffer with this condition for longer than 6 weeks, we will run some blood tests to check for underlying issues such as thyroid abnormalities or parasitic infections.

This condition is usually successfully treated with regular antihistamines. In severe cases, a course of oral steroids may be needed. Alcohol and NSAID painkillers (brufen, aspirin family) should be avoided during periods of flare as these can worsen the condition. If you would like to check for allergy to specific foods, a simple blood test can be performed in clinic.

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Dr Stephanie Ho, Dermatologist

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