How much does sleep apnea treatment cost in Singapore?

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Thanks for the D2D. Here are some cost estimates for sleep apnea treatment in Singapore:

The initial cost would be the consultation (from $150) and possibly a flexible nasoendoscopy cost (from $250) to determine the levels of obstruction and medical issues that need to be managed holistically.

A sleep study is usually needed (from $500 depending on type needed). The costs thereafter would really depend on what type of treatment is, depending on the cause and severity of sleep apnea. Example, medications, CPAP machines, surgery – the cost would differ widely. The prices of CPAP machines and masks usually start from $1,000 for good quality ones.

However, the total cost would really depend on what the cause of the sleep apnea is eventually.

Medisave and insurance coverage for the consult, nasal scopes to identify sites of airway blockage and medications is not a problem.

For sleep study and CPAP machines, different insurers and Medisave coverage can be patchy, so do check for your specific coverage entitlements first, as the individual would have signed for different coverage.

Surgery for the various sites of obstruction have been covered usually, but it would still be wise to clear with your specific insurer first.

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How does one differentiate normal snoring from sleep apnea?

Thanks for the D2D. Snoring is not just noise. Not all who snore have sleep apnea, but snoring is a sign that you may have sleep apnea. In Singapore, a recent study found that 90% of those with already moderate to severe sleep apnea did not know that they had sleep apnea! Sleep apnea happens when there is a block in the airway that results in significant oxygen desaturation in the blood. To differentiate snoring from sleep apnea, a definitive sleep study is needed.

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What are my options to treat sleep apnea, and how effective is sleep apnea treatment?

thanks for the D2D. Please refer to my reply on “How to treat sleep apnea without CPAP or surgery? ” for conservative first line measures to treat sleep apnea. Additionally, surgical measures may be needed when these conservative modalities do not suffice, or if the patient cannot tolerate the CPAP mask or prefer a surgical option. What I have found to be most importantly, is to tailor treatment for each patient’s medical and anatomical condition, preferences, needs and comfort level. A multidisciplinary and multilevel approach is often needed.

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