How much does it cost to remove milia seeds in Singapore?

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Milia seeds are harmless, tiny pearly-white bumps made up of skin protein.

Topical treatment include retinoids, such as Differin creams.

Chemical peels or ablative laser eg. CO2 laser and dermabrasion are effective for stubborn and extensive milia.

The cost of these treatments ($200 – $400) varies amongst clinics, and how extensive the milia seeds are.

Other treatments also include:

  1. De-roofing with sterile needle and extraction
  2. Destroying the milia seeds with diathermy or cryotherapy

Lastly, some ways to prevent milia seeds from recurring include:

  1. Good facial cleansing, especially after long hours of make-up/sunscreen
  2. Ideal facial products for your skin
  3. Chemical peels

Milia are harmless cysts filled with skin cells, and can (unfortunately) recur even after treatment.

Treatments include:

  1. Manual extraction
  2. Laser
  3. Electrocautery
  4. Topical retinoids

Hope that helps. All the best!

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How can I remove syringoma/milia under my eyes?

Thanks for sharing your photos with us. This is probably milia and they can be removed easily with a Smartxide CO2 laser. However, it can recur as some of the doctors here have mentioned. A good skin care regime, scrub or peel can help prevent the recurrence. The CO2 laser burns off these milia with minimal scarring and the downtime is usually about 2-3 days depending on each individual. I hope this answers your question. Have a great week ahead and all the best!

Photo of Dr Terence Goh

Answered By

Dr Terence Goh

Plastic Surgeon

How to remove milia on the eye bag area?

It appears that you have a milium (a single milia). Milia is the medical term for dilated cystic glands which are found just under the skin surface. They are usually 1 to 2 millimetres in size. It is caused by trapped keratin (dead skin cells) that clog up the swear ducts. This condition is rather common in the lower eyelid and can also affect the upper eyelid, nose cheek and chin. Whilst milia may look like whiteheads, they can’t be popped by squeezing. My preferred treatment for milia that’s stubborn would be to use a Smartxide CO2 laser.

Photo of Dr Terence Goh

Answered By

Dr Terence Goh

Plastic Surgeon

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