How long does it normally take for post-inflammatory erythema after TCA CROSS treatment to fade?

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Generally, all post-inflammatory erythema will take several weeks to months to gradually clear on its own. The more intense the preceding inflammation, the longer it will usually take to clear.

As TCA CROSS induces significant injury to the skin (up to the dermal layer) that it is applied to, it will definitely take a minimum of several weeks to fade.

The use of a concealer to conceal the redness will be useful while waiting for the redness to fade.

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As Dr Chin has mentioned, the TCA CROSS procedure is considered a strong treatment and depending on the strength/concentration of TCA Acid used, the resulting PIE can take weeks to months to fade. 2- 4 weeks will be considered quick for higher concentrations used.

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Is it possible for TCA CROSS to cause keloid scars?

Hi,Yes, TCA cross uses high concentration of Trichloro-Acetic acid (TCA) to injure the skin to cause subsequent skin inflammation, healing and scar improvement. If incorrectly applied or applied in excessive amount, the TCA may indeed cause excessive skin damage resulting in additional scarring including keloid scars. As with most aesthetic procedures, your doctor’s competence and experience will reduce potential side effects to the minimum. Hope this helps!

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