How effective is Invisalign for complex orthodontic cases? (photo)

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Braces and Invisalign are all tools an orthodontist uses to treat patients. There are many factors which may lead to the decision of selecting one system over the other, such as cost, complexity of case, preference of the dentist for one system over the other (based on experience), etc.

To be honest, the majority of my Asian patients are treated with extractions due to our facial profile and lip prominence. Rest assured, a case requiring extractions does not necessarily mean the case is complex. Invisalign is able to treat extraction cases successfully in the hands of someone who has experience with using Invisalign for extraction cases.

Personally to me, both braces and invisalign can work for you. You may wish to refer to an article I wrote on Human.

Many of my patients have found this a useful read in helping them make the decision on which system to choose.

Most importantly is the treatment plan and the treatment outcome you wish to have. In your other query you were concerned about extractions and if there were other alternatives. I mentioned that option of pushing back your back teeth to create some space. Invisalign does that very well. However, looking at the recession of the upper right first premolar and your lip profile, extractions may be the way to go.

I would suggest for you to discuss all your options with your orthodontist and I'm sure you'll be able to make your decision soon.

All the best.

Warm regards,

Dr Geraldine Lee

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