How does TCM or acupuncture help with hair loss?

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Thanks for your query and interest in understanding the science behind TCM for your hair loss problems.

I will attempt to generate a few scenarios to better answer your question.

Firstly, if your hair loss results from menstrual irregularity or postpartum, there is usually a hormonal imbalance associated with the signaling of hair follicles and thus the hair growth cycle, I.e. rate of hair loss is higher than rate of hair growth thus the observance of net hair loss. This in TCM is translated to the main hormone producing organ system- the “Kidney” system.

If hair loss is observed during periods of high stress/depression, there is an indirect link that affects hormone production in the hair cycle signaling cascade. In TCM, we attribute this to the main organ systems of emotional management-“Liver” and/or “Digestive”.

Therefore the acupuncture points selected and herbal prescriptions aim to stimulate the organ systems to regain its function and therefore nip the problem in its bud. Weekly acupuncture is recommended. These two scenarios are more common and the causes can be non-exhaustive.

That being said, the TCM physician will need to enquire more about your lifestyle habits and diet etc to clearly conclude your constitution. Eastern medical therapies focus very much on the balance in the affected systems, therefore treatment plans differ in individuals. Let me know if you need further clarification. Hope this helps!

There could be many reasons attributing to hair loss such as stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, genetic etc. For some, simple lifestyle changes might help to reverse hair loss while others will need to seek treatment for it.

From the TCM perspective, we don’t look at just hair loss alone but an overall health condition.

During consultation is where the TCM physician would use TCM diagnosis principles such as deficiency in kidney yin, liver and blood ; heat and dampness stagnation; liver Qi stagnation to address your various issues.

Treatment includes acupuncture and/or herbal prescription. Regular and consistent treatment is highly recommended to achieve good results.

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Hi, Thank you for the question. For male pattern hair loss, early treatment is important as it prevent further progression of the hair loss. Treatments like topical minoxidil and oral finasteride can help too prevent further hair loss, and in many cases, there can be new hair grow as well. In more severe cases, hair transplants can be done to refashion the frontal hairline. You should seek treatment early with your doctor or dermatologist so that early treatment can be instituted to prevent further hair loss. You can discuss further with your doctor about the different treatment options.

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