How do doctors determine whether male pattern baldness is the cause of hair loss, as opposed to other causes?

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Male pattern hair loss is often diagnosed clinically.

Patients with male pattern hair loss often notice progressive thinning of the hair. The onset often starts in the 20s, though it can start at an earlier or later age.

The hair thinning usually affects the frontal and vertex areas and the sides are often spared. The hairs in these areas are finer than normal.

Sometimes, other causes of hair fall can occur with male pattern hair loss and unmask the male pattern hair loss or make the thinning more prominent. Some investigations may be done to rule out any underlying cause in these cases.

There are effective treatments that can prevent the progression of hair loss and promote hair growth. It is best to start treatment early. You can see your doctor or dermatologist for proper assessment and management.

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How do doctors differentiate a genetic cause of hair loss versus other hair loss causes?

Hi,Androgenetic hair loss is diagnosed primarily by its distinctive pattern (non-scarring, frontal-temporal recession) and duration (several years) in a male. A positive family history is supportive. In females, as the pattern may not very distinctive, exclusion of underlying chronic illnesses such as thyroid disease, iron deficiency may be needed. Hope this helps!

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Dr Chin Yee Choong


Does the humid weather in Singapore causes hair loss?

Hi,Humid weather per se will not cause hair loss. Hair loss may be due to inflammation, hormonal-genetic factors, traction, poor nutrition, chronic illness, growth cycle abnormalities, etc which are not made worse by humid weather. If you are experiencing significant hair loss, do seek medical help to determine its actual cause so that effective treatment may be given to you. Hope this helps!

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Dr Chin Yee Choong


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