How can TCM help with Type 1 Diabetes?

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Type 1 diabetes patients produce little or no insulin, therefore causing their blood glucose level to be poorly regulated [1].

Clinically, patients may experience symptoms like [2]:

  • excessive thirstiness,
  • frequent urination,
  • extreme hunger,
  • fatigue,
  • unintended weight loss
  • etc.

In TCM, these symptoms are often related to a condition called “xiao ke” (消渴) which means wasting and thirstiness [3]. “Xiao ke” is often related to the imbalance of the lungs, stomach and kidney [4]. Herbal medicines may be prescribed to restore the balance of these organs and relieve the symptoms of patients’ experience.

However, the primary treatment for type 1 diabetes would still be insulin injection to regulate blood glucose level [5]. Diabetic patients can combine treatment from both TCM and western medicine to manage their blood glucose level [6].


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