How can I prevent chicken pox from leaving pitted scars on my forehead? (photo)

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I would add on topical sunblock as a last step after your moisturiser. This is important as UV can worsen the darkening and collagen loss from your injured skin.

Use a good sunblock after you have adequately moisturized the area, and top up the sunscreen every few hours in the day. The vitamin E oil should help with that, but please make sure that it is suitable for wounds that are still healing. Also ensure that you moisturize the skin well at night before sleeping.

You will need to be patient with managing your scar. It looks like a recent episode, and there is little else to be done in the next 8-12 weeks except good skincare.

You should also consider consulting a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or aesthetic doctor to reassure yourself and start understanding some possible treatment options in the future.

Chicken pox tends to leave behind boxcar scars. The base of the scar is pulled down by scar tissue giving the appearance of a punched out appearance. These can be mitigated somewhat using silicone based gels. Be sure to pick the ones that are suitable for use on open wounds.
Applying moisturiser and taking both vitamin C and collagen pills may help with a quicker recovery. Using aloe vera gel may also help.

It is important that you do not pick at it as it heals. Take antihistamines to reduce any itching and avoid washing with hot water as that might make the itch worse.

There are several options for later should the need arise. I prefer to use a Picosecond laser with the fractional handpiece to create areas of injury underneath the skin (called Laser Induced Optical Breakdown) in order to break up the scar tissue pulling the base down and allow it to surface upwards. Understand though that this is not a one off treatment and several treatments will be required.

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