How can acupuncture help with regulating blood sugar?

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Acupuncture helps with regulating blood sugar by balancing your body’s major organs and the balance of Yin and Yang in you. It does not directly bring the blood sugar level down like western drugs, but rather we aim to improve a person’s body constitution and regain proper functioning of the organs, and through that, the blood sugar level can be normalized.

The effects of TCM on blood sugar, whether acupuncture or herbal concoctions, aren’t immediate. In TCM, we do not use the blood glucose levels as a symptom, but rather, other symptoms you present with to assess your body’s constitution at any point of time. Thus, treatment is not focused on lowering the blood sugar levels but geared towards giving you an individualized treatment based on any deficiency or disharmony that you might possess.

Through the course of treatment, my patients have found not only their blood sugars being regulated, but also other symptoms rectified. They find themselves with better sleep quality, being more energized in the day and improved mood. Hence, many of them choose to continue with the treatment even after their blood sugar levels are normal.

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Thank you for your question. First of all, congrats on improving your diabetic control! Dropping your Hba1c from 9% to 5. 9% is an amazing conscientious effort on your part. 1. What I could not understand is that, how come my blood sugar was well control (5. 9%) but yet there is a deterioration in my eye condition? With too well controlled sugars, you can certainly get tingling sensations which is related to low blood sugar, or hypoglycaemia. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you need to eat.

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