Are there home remedies to relieve pain from a cracked tooth?

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Most "home remedies" do not adequately address the source of the pain from a cracked tooth since the tooth is already permanently structurally compromised.

The pain usually comes from the pulp (nerve) within the tooth that is progressively irritated when the crack is wedged apart and from chronic bacterial ingress.

Some home remedies that patients have tried include:

  • Painkillers. These can relieve some of the pain and inflammation coming from the pulp while you are waiting for definitive treatment.

  • Oil of cloves, which contains eugenol (a compound with nerve sedative properties). This unfortunately tends to stain the tooth brown permanently.

Most patients with a cracked tooth are unable to chew on the affected tooth since that causes pain.

Ultimately, seeking timely treatment may allow you to prevent an abscess or loss of the cracked tooth, which may cost more to replace in the long run.

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What tests can be performed to confirm the location of a cracked tooth if different tests by different dentists cannot reach a consensus?

Identifying a symptomatic cracked tooth can be challenging. There are a few methods that can help:1) WaitingTime will make the offending tooth known. This is usually because the symptoms (tenderness on chewing or thermal sensitivity) will tend to get worse if there is a truly cracked tooth. Radiographic (xray) changes related to a crack will also become more obvious. Waiting also helps to eliminate other diagnoses, such as tooth tenderness from bruxism (grinding of teeth) or referred pain from sinusitis.

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Dr Jaclyn Toh


Why do different dentists disagree on whether I should have a root canal treatment or an extraction and dental implant?

Dentists choose treatment plans based on many different factors. Some of these factors have nothing to do with clinical data. As a patient, your dentist should go through the different treatment options with you so that you understand the treatment itself, and the long term maintenance required with that selection. Keeping the tooth by performing root canal treatment and a crown may mean that the tooth may still crack further and require extraction at a later date.

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Dr Jaclyn Toh


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