For moderate acne scars, how do doctors determine how much improvement is realistically possible as I wish to get rid of them completely? (photo)

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Realistically, 25-50% improvement will be achievable with combination acne scar therapy (these include subcision, scar revision, fractional CO2 lasering, fractional microneedle RF and fractional picosecond lasering) for moderately severe acne.

Generally, after treatment, scars will still be present but will look less obvious, less deep and less craggy.

Complete removal of acne scars is not possible even with repeated treatments and with the “best” treatments.

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How effective is the Fotona laser for mild acne scarring, and what advantages does it have over other treatments? (photo)

A multimodal approach is often needed to remove acne scars. These can include: subcision TCA CROSS and punch excision with microsurgery apart from laser treatments Acne scars can be depressed or raised, with or without discoloration. Examples of depressed scars are ice pick scars, box scars and rolling scars. Raised scars are called hypertrophic or keloid scars, which result from an overproduction of collagen. Sometimes, a red or brown discoloration remains after acne has healed, and these are called post-inflammatory erythema (red) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown).

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Dr Lena Fan Shu'en


For better results, is it advisable to undergo acne scar treatment when younger and in my 20s, as opposed to when I am in my 30s or 40s?

Hi, The most important age factor to consider when to undergo acne scar treatment is not the age per say but when the acne is no longer active. This is because continued active acne will result in new scars and undo the benefits of the acne scar treatment. For some patients, active acne may persist way into their 20’s and even 30’s. In my experience, the clinical response to acne scar treatment is quite similar when treatment is done in the 20’s or in the 30-40’s. Hope this helps!

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Dr Chin Yee Choong


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