Can I still use Exilis for face tightening and lifting even though my face is not fat?

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Can I get any STIs from using toilet paper that came into contact with my genitals?

I would not say that it is impossible, just because I have never seen it before. But medically speaking, it is next to impossible. That is unless the toilet paper looks like it is full of pus and bodily fluids. Otherwise most of these viruses and bacteria are actually quite fragile, they do not survive in the open air for long.

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Dr Paul Ang

General Practitioner

Which hospital uses Magnetic Brain Stimulation to treat brain tumours in Singapore?

The most commonly used form of magnetic brain stimulation in clinical practice is transcranial magnetic stimulation (known as TMS). This makes use of Faraday's law of induction (if you remember from physics) to create current flow within the brain, which, in turn, excites the neurons (mostly cortical interneurons) over where the magnetic stimulation is applied. Magnetic stimulation by itself is not considered a treatment option for brain tumours. However, as an example, we have used transcranial magnetic stimulation prior to brain tumour surgery.

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Dr Nicolas Kon


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