Does acne come back after treatment?

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In general, isotretinoin is one of the drugs with a better holding power because when you discontinue, the risk of acne coming back is generally lower than oral antibiotics. 20-30% of people usually get persistent acne throughout their life, so they still need to get treatment, even in adulthood.

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How to best improve my pitted complexion? (photo)

Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. There are several treatments for your acne scars. You have mixed types of acne scars consisting of box-car acne scars, rolling acne scars and a few ice-pick scars. I routinely use a combination of energy-based devices (CO2 Fractional Lasers, INFINI RF, Pico Fractional Lasers), Subcision, Rejuran and TCA Cross to treat acne scars. A few points to note regarding acne scar treatments in Singapore: 1. A Combination of Treatments are required for best results - there is no 1 perfect treatment that can treat all types of scars.

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As inflammation from an acne breakout resolves, it may leave behind residual redness (post-inflammatory erythema, PIE), brown pigmentation (post-inflammatory pigmentation, PIH), or true scars (pitted or raised). Often times, a patient may have any combination of PIE, PIH and true scars. Developing new scars often have redness within them as well. Although PIE and PIH tend to resolve over time (as opposed to permanent true scars), these blemishes are understandably frustrating and treatment is commonly requested.

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