How do doctors treat teeth-clenching with Botox?

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The main muscle associated with teeth-clenching is the Masseter (jaw muscle). Botox is administered into this muscle to relax it so that the bite/clench will not be as strong.

This helps to alleviate the symptoms/discomfort of teeth clenching such as headaches, widened jaw, teeth damage, facial pain and pain in the jaw joint (Temporomandibular Joint).

Once treated, results can last up to 6 - 8 months before the procedure is repeated again.

I will personally recommend administering the injection to a relaxed jaw since it will be less painful and uncomfortable for the patient. Otherwise, there is no difference in the effects, whether the jaw is clenched or relaxed during treatment.

Doctors can use medication such as Botox to treat teeth-clenching (bruxism) side effects. However, dentists are able to manage the condition in a much more conservative way.

Bruxism is a condition that is triggered by high-stress levels. The symptoms associated with bruxism number over 40. These include:

  • cramping in the trapezius muscles
  • frequent stress headaches
  • overly-developed masseter muscles
  • lack of quality sleep and even eye bags/dark circles.

More serious cases can result in the cracking of the posterior teeth and movement of the tooth position.

Botox can help to alleviate one of the symptoms by semi-paralysing the muscle but you may be left with all the other symptoms.

A dentist can fabricate a custom mouthguard that you wear in your sleep to reduce these symptoms. This will provide a more holistic, preventative, natural and more long-term resolution.

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Will botox cause any permanent effects over the years if used repeatedly at the same spot?

botox used regularly over the same area can lead to semi-permanent atrophy (shrinking) of the muscle. This is why I always advise "jaw botox" not to be overdone. Hope this helps!

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