Is it ok to use diaper rash cream (Desitin Blue) on a newborn baby every diaper change?

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Have there been cases where people have contracted HIV after taking HIV tests in clinics despite the safety measures?

I am personally not aware of any such cases in Singapore. HIV testing is done by a blood test or oral swabs. New sterile single use needles and swabs are used for the blood test and oral swabs so there is no risk of catching of HIV by doing the screening test.

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Dr Colin Theng


Will correcting buck teeth use the same procedure as using veneers?

You can correct it up to a point, you need to shave more of the tooth and if you shave too much you might actually hit a nerve. There are cases where we need to shave a significant amount and we may have to do a root canal treatment. That might sound extreme but consider other methods for extracting teeth for braces or for false teeth, maybe it won’t seem extreme after all. Perhaps it just needs a bit more work to achieve the desired results.

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Dr Kevin Ong


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